Artist statement

         In my childhood I didn't like changes. I felt they had threatened my feeling of inner security and peace. Then I went to medical school, where seeing all those miserable lives of the patients, I learned to appreciate health and good death, not taking it granted. But it still didn’t help my feeling of insecurity. Later on, as years passed by, I learned to accept the changing of time and its consequences peacefully, its transformative nature on everything visible and invisible. In my works time and its relationship to materiality, the disintegration of forms are still central motifs.

      I am attracted to old houses, decaying walls. I used to be an „indoor” kid. Though we lived in a house with a garden, I preferred to stay inside and read, draw and paint.  Probably unconsciously I felt the walls can protect me, they presented the border between inside and outside, safe and dangerous. Now in my paintings differences between inside and outside more and more disappear, but the decaying wall-like surfaces seem to stay with me.

     Through my work I’d like to encourage people to appreciate their life, to accept and even find beauty in the inevitable end.